From a basic need, to own a home, and from two architects concern, explore, innovate, experiment… comes this small housing block with vocation of all single-family units.

In an area with a very intense residential development, given its excellent location next to the new Cordoba`s town center, the architects proposed to a young and informal building, where the ‘luxury’ is understood as spatial richness and interplay of light and conventional housing program supports certain variations.

The difficult application of the rules of the time in a plot of 165 square meters result a compact volume of 3 levels which houses inside parking for 5 vehicles, commercial premises, the common space is necessary to access to the first floor fromstreet and four homes developed vertically in several levels, each of them with a private terrace.

Breaking with conventional housing program, this building systems not commonly used in homes, using prefabricated elements and different materials… these risks only could be assumed by a very special promoters: ourselves

The gaps of the windows already guess the inner movement. Each unit was different and have be particularized even more after the options offered to the different owners: Bachelor apartment, duplex more compartmentalized, a young family and the House of architects.
An environment little accustomed to the changes.
A groundbreaking element.
A different corner.